Who is Dragon Society International?

The Dragon Society has been teaching Martial Science around the world for over twenty years. When the Western world first became aware that movements in kata were not blocks and that they were really aggressive offensive attacks, the Dragon Society was already out on the international karate seminar circuit teaching Martial Science.

When others were preaching that what made pressure points work was nerve endings, the Dragon Society was already years ahead sharing the Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine and our "Players to the Game".

We were the first to demonstrate energetic knockouts, waveforms, vibration and the principles of yin and yang as it applies to the human body in an open karate seminar. Our international seminar travels have allowed us to demonstrate our science to some of the most prestigious martial arts organizations in the world, from the British Combat Association in the United Kingdom, to the American Karate Black Belt Association in the United States, to the training halls in Okinawa, China and Korea we have had the honor of performing and sharing information.

We were the first to ever teach a "Masters Series" training program that was equivalent to a college degree. Our formal training programs are designed to teach people how to do Martial Arts scientifically. We are not in the business of doing a Karate seminar show, we are teachers and we have developed one of the most extensive martial arts resource centers in the world. The Dragon Society International is known as the technical resource center for the Martial Arts. Our Certified Instructors are in constant demand because of their ability to explain and demonstrate this science as applied to any art.

Dragon Society International provides pressure point, martial science and self defense information to combat arts practitioners, military and law enforcement.

Nothing compares to hands-on seminars and training to improve you and your students understanding and growth in pressure point and martial science training.

A Seminar with Grandmasters Tom Muncy (10th Dan), Rick Moneymaker (9th Dan), Michael Patrick (7th Dan) or any of our DSI Certified Instructors is sure to build, grow and excite your students about extended learning.

Book your seminar for your school or organization today by contacting us now!

Our 2014/2015 Seminar schedule is filling up fast!

2016 DSI Fall Convention
By Grandmaster Michael Patrick
Mar 2016

Click Here for a Complete Flyer and Schedule of Events

The DSI looks forward to seeing our friends and training partners at our annual convention in Myrtle Beach on October 21, 22, and 23. This year we will be bringing more of our Grandmasters and distinguished guests to share information with attendees.... Read More

DSI Affiliate School Program
By Grandmaster Rusty McMains
Mar 2016

For more than 20 years, DSI has been the world’s leader and innovator in martial science. Scores of individuals and organizations have laid claim to being the best; yet today those same individuals and organizations only provide a residual presence in this field. DSI’s growth and sustainability owes its success to proven and excepted medical and applied sciences, field testing by law enforcement and personal protection personnel and continual internal scrutiny of our methods and members. ... Read More

Masters Series Seminar in New Jersey - June 5, 2016
By Grandmaster Michael Patrick
Mar 2016

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DSI Spring Convention in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. Dates are October. Be sure to pr...

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